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Wearing condoms is very important, not only for birth control but in the prevention of STD’s. With the heightened awareness of safe sex more people these days realise that they are very important. However unfortunately, large portions of the population still feel slightly self conscious when it comes to buying contraceptives. There are therefore many benefits for purchasing online. Buying condoms online offers you the benefit of privacy, remaining anonymous and free from embarrassing moments of having to buy them over the counter. Another benefit to buying them online is that you can do so from the comfort of your own home without leaving the house or alternatively at any time of the day or night from where ever you are via a portable internet service device such as your mobile phone. Additionally, here at you will also be able to browse through a much wider selection of condom related products than you would within your average high street retail store, whilst at the same time benefitting from much lower prices than on the high street therefore saving you money at the same time! The most extensive selection of condoms online Our online store offers the largest, most varied selection of condoms online. It can be surprising to see how many brands, styles, sizes, designs and materials there are to choose from, but we make it as easy as possible to help you find your perfect condom! Our search facilities allow our customers to search through our full range of products as clearly and efficiently as possible. We offer over 17 different brands of contraceptives ranging from our most popular brands such as Durex, Mates, Trojan, Condomi and MySize, through to our alternative brands such as Pasante, Safex, EXS, Rough Rider, Femidom, Skins, Love Light, Pleasure Plus, Beyond Seven and Lifestyles. If it is not a particular brand you are after but rather a certain style of condom to suit your needs then we also categorise our them into over 26 various styles including: Climax delay, coloured, flavoured, extra lubricated, female, for gay men, glow in the dark, lamb skin, large, non-latex, non lubricated, novelty, regular, sensitive, small, spermicidal, strong, textured, thin, tingling, warming and more. For those of you who are unsure as to which condom is right for you, we also offer a large selection of sampler packs. This gives you the opportunity to try a variety of condom brands but within the style that you are seeking. The most extensive selection of sexy toys online As an increased number of people have started coming out of the closet in terms of sex, so has the number of sex shops in the UK increased. We at also provide you with some of the best sex toys in the UK online sex market. These sex toys can reignite the long extinguished spark in your monotonous sex lives. In addition, you can also try a variety of other stuff with these sex toys! We provide one of the largest ranges of adult sex toys online in the UK. We offer a wide variety of sex toys for men, women as well as couples. Our popular sex shop provides an exquisite range of adult sex toys. Choose from our fantastic selection of vibrators, including our most popular bullet and rabbit vibrators, you’re sure to find the perfect vibrator for you. If it is a dildo that you are after, then look no further; our full range include small, large, double-ended, realistic, glass dildos and much more. So grab your choice of sex toys and enter a whole new world of exotic sex! Promotional Range Condoms are the perfect promotional giveaway for Clubs, Universities, Colleges, Parties and indeed anyone wanting to promote their own organisation whilst at the same time promoting a “safe sex” message. Our promotional range includes printed foils, matchbooks and wallets. Please see our promotional page for more details. Why you should shop with us! With over 10 years of online experience, our website is the perfect place for you to get what you need. There are many benefits to purchasing through our online store. We offer free delivery on all UK orders and optional priority and next day delivery. We offer a free gift to all customers who spend over £30 in store. We offer reward points to all account holders earning you 1 reward point for every £1 spent. Once your account reaches 50 reward points a £5 discount voucher will be automatically issued. To sign up for an account please click here. We offer plain, discrete packaging on all orders and our customer service is second to none. Quality is assured with all of our contraceptives as we only source the best products from all major brands. Competitive pricing is guaranteed as we are cheaper than most condom retailers. We also offer exclusive special offers to all newsletter, Facebook and twitter followers.