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Pasante Unique Condoms 3

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The world’s thinnest condom in a revolutionary card packaging.

Product Description

What makes this condom so unique? It is just the latest in technological advances in the manufacturing of condoms. The Unique is the world’s thinnest condom in a revolutionary card package that is the size and shape of a standard credit card.  Simply peel off and play, then hide away. Made of synthetic resin AT-10, which is ultra thin but just as safe as latex condoms. This innovative material is 70% thinner and more sensitive than the average latex.

The Unique is magic in your hands. The non-latex material is not stretchy, but adheres to the skin when warmed up with body heat and feels almost as if you were not wearing a condom. Works with all lubricants, including oil-based such as Vaseline or massage oils allowing you tobe as daring and erotic as you please. Plus, the Unique fits more girth at 60 mm in width. However, because it adheres to your skin when heated, you can be assured of a perfect fit. It is truly like wearing nothing at all.

If you want an extra-special experience, you must treat yourself to the epitome of sensual pleasure with the Pasante Unique Condom.


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